Celine has been working as a graphic and web designer for approximately 10 years, all the while growing her knowledge of all things digital. Under the guidance of her master The Mighty Wonton for about 8 years, she has learnt a lot, has further developed her own sense of design, and has also acquired strong website development abilities – who knew coding could actually be fun!

Although having mostly worked in the digital and interactive world, she was initially trained as a graphic designer when studying Visual Communication at Créapôle ESDI in Paris. She then moved to Australia and attended both the Swinburne Faculty of Design as well as the Commercial Arts Training College (CATC) to wrap up her studies.

On top of working in design, her original love for illustration has never waned and she still occasionally takes her bright coloured pencils and paints out for her own enjoyment.

With her three citizenships, four languages (show-off) and wanderlust, she left the mighty nest of wontons and took up her own flight to spread her skills and creativity around the globe. After spending time in Singapore, the Philippines, Canada and France, she is currently enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Portugal.

Enough said, please go explore and if you see anything you like, don’t be afraid to get in touch.